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Consular Camp

Consular Camps

Stichting Sanskriti & Sanskar collaborates with the Embassy of India in The Netherlands to facilitate Consular Camps, ensuring seamless access to essential consular services for the Indian community

Artistic Horizons

Stichting Sanskriti & Sanskar regularly hosts a myriad of art-related events throughout The Netherlands.
Across The Netherlands, foundation is renowned for orchestrating various Art-centric gatherings.

Celebrating Heritage Roots

Stichting Sanskriti & Sanskar is renowned for dedication to cultural heritage among Indian diaspora, Dutch community and beyond. Foundation often host events, celebrating rich traditions and arts from every aspects.
Celebrating LIFE

Helping each other can change the world

Join Stichting Sanskriti & Sanskar Foundation to cherish the exuberant Culture, Arts, Customs, Tradition and Heritage.

What can you expect ...

Stichting Sanskriti & Sanskar offers a platform in The Netherlands to celebrate and share events pertinent to Indian, Surinamese Indian, and Dutch cultures. We champion literature, art forms, culture, heritage and spiritual discourses, aiming to foster cultural harmony and uncover the universal threads of humanity. By engaging younger generations and emphasizing cultural heritage, we seek to bridge the Indian diaspora in the Netherlands through a fusion of Indian and Dutch traditions.

We’re here to celebrate Culture, Tradition, Custom and Arts and Culture

Fundraising for the people and causes you care about

All support to them

We Inspire and Celebrate Life

Breathing Passion into Moments, Celebrating Every Step of Life!

We help them

Stichting Sanskriti & Sanskar radiate positive vibes by crafting joyous moments of cultural celebrations

Support Organisations

Stichting Sanskriti & Sanskar offers invaluable support to cultural organizations by fostering collaboration, sharing expertise, and promoting heritage events.
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