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Shri Ram Mandir ‘Pran Prathistha’ @Den Haag

January 22
The Ram Janambhumi Temple’s construction has been a testament to the cultural heritage and religious beliefs of millions of Hindus worldwide.
Pran Pratishta is not merely a ceremonial practice; it holds immense spiritual significance. The energy infused during Pran Pratishta is said to create a sanctified atmosphere within the temple, elevating it to a realm where spiritual seekers can experience a profound connection with the divine.
As devotees from around the world continue and prepare to visit this sacred site, we hope that the resonance of Pran Pratishtha will echo through the corridors of the temple and in the Netherlands at our event creating an everlasting connection between the mortal and the divine. Jai Shree Ram!
Many devotees joined us on 22nd January (Shri Radha Krishna Mandir, Den Haag) to witness the ‘HISTORICAL’ event that India has awaited for more than 500+ years, by chanting Bhajan-Kirtan, Puja, Hawan, Aarti followed by Prasadam/Bhandara/Mahabhog.
















January 22
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